Jeremy Razonable

Growing up as a child my family didn't have much. Because of this, I know all too well of the many struggles. Having to move a lot, having to live with relatives from time to time, and overall a feeling of instability. My mother was a single mom trying to raise two kids on her own. She would take us down the street behind a restaurant where there was a rock pile that goes about 60 yards out to go fishing. I had a spot where I would catch fish all the time. I learned a lot about fishing and I really enjoyed it. We would go almost everyday just to put dinner on our plates. Im a big fan of milk and orange juice however we would just drink water because it didn't cost anything. We were quite fortunate to have the ocean to provide for us and a nice glass of clean drinking water. I could not imagine life without it. Seeing my mom go through all the struggles and stress broke my heart. I told her I would be able to take care of her one day. I know it's not easy for single women in this day and age. Especially for women and families in third world countries that do not have the opportunities that we have and access to clean water.


Eventually things got better for me and my sister as we got older. We were able to get jobs and it made life a lot easier for all of us. At the age of 24, I was blessed with my beautiful daughter Kaila. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. I made it a point to be the best father and to make sure that I provided for my family. I became a videographer and started to video weddings on the beautiful island of Kauai. I made memorable videos for people all over the world. It brought out the innovative and creative side of me. I really enjoyed putting smiles on people's faces. From this point on I always wanted to help and be a part of people's happiness.


One day, a good friend of mine Joshua Goodson was at a coffee shop doing some work. I asked him what he was working on, and right then and there he showed me his vision. A plan to raise funds for women, children and families in developing countries who do not have access to clean drinking water. He showed me a website called that pioneered safe water and sanitation solutions for people in need. After seeing what my mom went through, I can only imagine what these women go through. I told him "Sign me up! I want to help and make a difference!" As an ex-pro fighter I know what it takes to fight for something. I was fighting to provide for my family! To raise awareness, help families, women and children to have access to clean drinking water is definitely worth fighting for! Most of us live in a bubble. We don't see the full picture of what's going on out there. I've always seen stories, read blogs, and seen pictures. Its a real serious issue that we have with the worlds water crisis. Millions of people are actually suffering right now as I write this and as you read this. This is another opportunity to help and put happiness in people's life's again! This is my call of action!!!


That's why I turned to social activism, for healing and for a sense of empowerment. Through social activism and the inspiration of my good friends Josh Goodson and Casey Moore, I have learned that empowerment is something that we can only really truly gain by giving to others. It's good karma. I thought to myself that each second I live is a new and unique moment in my life, a moment that will never be again and what would I do to teach our children and to others around us. I have an opportunity to change people's life's in the world by giving the gift of having access to clean drinking water. I allow myself to exist truly and fully. My vision is to sting the world with the challenge I am bringing to have people run with us in our 5k event to contribute and donate to families in developing countries who lack water. I will make a difference in this world. I will say I have done something for this world. I will give the gift of clean water! You can make a difference too!





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