Casey Moore

Water has always been a huge part of my life. Whether it was the rivers of Oregon growing up, the lakes and snow of Tahoe or the ocean in Hawaii. I’ve always felt blessed and lucky to have so much water in my life. Like most people I never even stopped to consider how lucky I was to just have flowing clean water at the turn of a knob. Showers, toilets, sinks and drinking water just expected to be accessible wherever I was. It wasn't until my trips to Argentina, chasing my professional snowboard dreams, that this really hit home.


Argentina was a very special time in my life. Not only was my mothers whole side of the family from Argentina but my experiences here set me down a path that changed my life forever. I was a young man traveling the country with a team of pro snowboarders and sponsors. Going from town to town, snowboarding different resorts, competing in contests and promoting my sponsors. During this time we would pass by or drive through many poverty stricken villages. Homes built out of rubble and rusty scrap metal. No sign of running water, showers, toilets. Kids running around without shoes or clothes. Men, women and children just trying to survive another day. I’ve never felt so horrible for all the years I took water for granted. How can so many people waste water knowing that there are even more that don't have any. From that day on I decided I would find a way to help. A way to make a difference for one person, one family, one town, a whole country. Why not the world. Big dreams will always become reality if you truly believe in them.


As time went on and the years passed, I eventually got married and had a daughter. All my focus was on supporting my family and making it from one paycheck to the next. But I always held my dreams of making an impact in the back of my mind. Hoping that the universe would present something to me. And when it did, it came in the form of a like minded vision presented by my coworkers Josh and Jeremy. I knew immediately that this is how we could make an actual difference. Thus Water for the World Run was born! A way to bring thousands of people together and make a difference in our world. Lets give the gift of clean water.


 Lets CHANGE the world and lives forever!

We Appreciate and Want to Thank Our Partners and Sponsors